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Pineapple Lovers: A Corer Is Well Worth the Price

Jul 5 2011 - 1:45pm

As a longtime city dweller with limited space, it's hard not to be weary of single-use kitchen gadgets, like this pineapple slicer [1]. Being a person who frequently doles out advice about major kitchen purchases, I discourage friends and family from buying gizmos that are simply going to take up more precious kitchen space in today's too-cluttered homes. Not to mention, cutting up a pineapple [2] really isn't all that much trouble. But unbeknownst to me, a pal went out and actually bought one of those pineapple corer things. He then proceeded to show me how he could transform the tropical fruit into gorgeously uniform rings of gold. Less than a minute later, I was sold on why I need one, too. Click through to see why.

Start with a flat-topped pineapple that's had its leaves lopped off.

Set the pineapple upright, flesh-exposed top facing up.

Insert the pineapple slicer, serrated blade facing down.

Start twisting; twist until you reach some serious resistance. This means you've hit the bottom.

Side note: If your pineapple's ripe, all the fresh juice collects in the middle. You can pour it out and drink it on the spot (or reserve it for later).

Pull up. If it doesn't give, wriggle the device a little bit.

Push the lever to release and you've got a delicious ring of pineapples, entirely free of eyes and skin! Cut a slit through one half of the cylinder to separate the stack into individual rings of fruit.

Cut out the tough core that can irritate the roof of your mouth [3] and reserve the shell for another use (mai tais or pineapple fried rice [4], anyone?).

The entire process takes 40 seconds flat, sans the step-by-step pictures shown here. If you like eating fresh pineapple at home, I think it's definitely worth the $20 investment. Are you with me — or do you agree to disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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