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Hunger Games Roundup: Set Pictures, Mockingjay Products, Beauty Secrets, Party Decor, and More!

Mar 23 2012 - 1:55pm

The Hunger Games is finally here! Fans flocked to theaters around the country at midnight to catch their first glimpse at the action on the big screen and even more have their tickets ready for a weekend showing. If you're one of the many obsessed with the series or are just getting into it, we've got you covered with plenty of Hunger Games fun. From fashion straight from the Capitol and Effie Trinket's crazy nail art to Hunger Games-inspired wedding [1] ideas and decor trends, there is so much to get excited about across the PopSugar Network. Click through to get your Hunger Games fix and don't forget to check out DistrictSugar [2].

Red-Carpet Hotness

Check out Jennifer Lawrence's hottest press moments [3].

Hungry Games

Eat your way through the Hunger Games with Yum's inspired list of recipes and provisions [4].

Love Is in the Air

Combine your love of the series and your nuptials using Très's Hunger Games-themed wedding ideas [5].

On the Run

Learn to run like Katniss [6] with tips from Jennifer Lawrence [7]'s coach.

On Set

Look at more pictures from the Hunger Games movie [8] before heading to the theater.

Capitol Couture

Get your Hunger Games fashion fix [9] with Fab's District chic and Capitol couture finds.

Hot Stuff

Enjoy Liam Hemsworth's hottest photos [10].

Learn From the Ladies

Learn from the women of the Hunger Games [11] with Très's roundup of lessons.

Travel Time

Travel the world with a trip inspired by The Hunger Games [12].

Love Scene

Find out which Hunger Games romantic moments are in the movie [13] but not in the book.

Hunger Pains

Dine like Katniss, Peeta, and Gale (but with a healthy twist) with these Hunger Games recipes [14] from FitSugar.

Team Torn

Discover whose team you're on in Très's Peeta or Gale quiz [15]

Paper Fun

Bring the action home with Hunger Games art [16] and stationery.

Listen Up

Download the five best songs from the Hunger Games soundtrack [17].

Party Time

Get the fun started with Hunger Games party details [18].

Nailing It

Take a close-up look at Effie Trinket's nail art [19].

Causing a Scene

Find out which Hunger Games scenes [20] Buzz is most excited about.

Who's Who

Play the Hunger Games popularity contest [21] to see which character you love most.

Capitol Quarters

Get decor inspiration from Katniss and Peeta's Capitol headquarters [22].

In Ink

See all kinds of Hunger Games tattoos [23] and find out what inspired them.

Fresh Face

Get a close-up look at beauty looks from the Hunger Games world premiere [24] in LA.

Go Girl

Read up on Savvy's Hunger Games-inspired strategies for surviving the office [25].

Red Hot

Get to know Elizabeth Banks's red carpet style [26] as she channels Effie Trinket.

Totally Tech

Find out which technology from the Hunger Games [27] actually exists.

Geeky Games

Get your geek on with Hunger Games tech accessories [28].

War Paint

Test drive the Hunger Games nail polish [29] with Bella's review.

Read On

Want more? Read these other books like the Hunger Games [30] to keep you satisfied.

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