The crossbreeding of two fruits has resulted in some pretty phenomenal and unparalleled flavors. But it's hard to keep up with all the crazy hybrids that are out on the market. You may never have heard of some of the beauties like a lemato (the cross between a tomato and lemon), but you might be even more surprised about the common fruits that are actually the product of crossbreeding. Do you know the facts when it comes to mixing it up? Test your knowledge of these hybrid delights.

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A boysenberry is a hybrid of which three berries?
Blackberry, loganberry, raspberry
Blueberry, grape, gooseberry
Strawberry, cranberry, grape
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The musk lime is a combo of which two citrus fruits?
Lemon and grapefruit
Mandarin orange and kumquat
Lime and lemon
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Tangelos are an interesting breed. The first part is a tangerine, but there's debate between the other fruit it's crossed with. Which pair below could be the other half?
Pomelo or grapefruit
Mandarin orange or lime
Mango or lemon
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A tayberry is a combo of which two berries?
Blackberry and strawberry
Gooseberry and blueberry
Loganberry and raspberry
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You may be surprised to learn that grapefruits are a hybrid. Care to take a guess at the two fruits that create this breakfast staple?
Pomelo and orange
Grape and mango
Tangelo and papaya
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Which fruits cross to create a plumcot?
Peach and apple
Grape and plum
Plum and apricot
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An oroblanco, also dubbed with the name sweetie, is a cross between which two fruits?
Blood orange and Meyer lemon
White grapefruit and acidless pomelo
Kumquat and lime
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Although Meyer lemons are common in the US today, they were first cultivated in China. While we're sure one part is a lemon, do you know the fruit that's the other half of this hybrid variety?
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A rangpur is a cross breed of which citrus fruits?
Kumquat and apple
Grapefruit and lime
Mandarin orange and lemon
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Which pair of fruit creates a picture-perfect pluot?
Peach and lemon
Plum and apricot
Prune and apricot
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