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The Ultimate Ice Cream Social Menu

Jul 11 2013 - 4:25am

Here's a fun idea for a party that both children and adults will enjoy: an ice cream social! This traditional gathering, which dates back to the 18th century, is a great way to get people together. It makes a delicious event during the Summer when the weather is hot, so why not throw one now before the kids head back to school? From scrumptious sauces to marvelous mix-ins, here's the perfect menu for the ultimate ice cream bar.

— Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

Vanilla Ice Cream

There's nothing like classic vanilla ice cream [1]. Make it from scratch, and everyone will be delighted with the smooth, creamy taste. If the guest list is large, then you might want to make two batches.

Source: Flickr user iiVI turnaround [2]

Hot Fudge Sauce

Ice cream purists will be happy with a bowl of vanilla ice cream that's topped with a decadent hot fudge sauce [3]. This fudge also doubles as a festive favor!

Source: Flickr user Brown Eyed Baker [4]

Honey Whipped Cream

Pillowy and light honey whipped cream [5] is incredibly easy to make. Adjust the sugar level based on how sweet you prefer it. It's best just after being whipped, so make it right before the party is about to begin.

Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce can be a bit difficult to make, but if you're up to the challenge, then here's our reliable recipe [6]. Since it should keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge, get started on this sauce well in advance of the party.

Source: Flickr user bakedbree [7]

Blueberry Syrup

Who can resist a good, old-fashioned fruity syrup with scoops of vanilla ice cream? Offer guests the choice of this beautiful blueberry syrup [8].


The best kind of sundaes are brownie sundaes. Set out a platter of chocolate brownies [9] next to the ice cream and sauces. Bake the brownies up to three days before the party.

Source: Flickr user jeffreyw [10]

Peanut Butter Cups

Chop up homemade peanut butter cups [11] and let guests sprinkle the pieces on top of their sundaes. These irresistible candies can be made up to a week before the ice cream social.

Source: Flickr user jamieanne [12]

Miniature Marshmallows

Another scrumptious topper? Blueberry marshmallows [13]! The marshmallows need time to set, but they will keep for up to three weeks and are great dipped in chocolate, too.


Guests who prefer a little salt on their sundaes will go crazy for shards of sweet and spicy brittle [14].


This cream liqueur [15] is for adults only. Sip it alongside the sundaes, or make a boozy affogato by pouring some over the top of vanilla ice cream.

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