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How Sweet It Is! Your Favorite Confections

Jun 12 2012 - 6:17am

We're almost halfway through June, but our celebration of National Candy Month hasn't shown signs of slowing down. A couple weeks ago, we asked you to share your sweetest memories [1] with us via Instagram; little did we know what a sweet tooth you had! Here are a few of the images that made our mouths pucker, no lolly in cheek required.

Source: Instagram user missveraaaaa [2]

Taffy Bar

Banana taffy, Neapolitan taffy, mango taffy, oh my! Gabbyshewrote buckled and bought $10 worth.

Source: Instagram user gabbyshewrote [3]

Swedish Candy

Ever the candy globetrotter, silvike shared her sweet fix: handpicked Swedish candy, available for enjoyment in Hungary, no less.

Source: Instagram user silvike [4]

Retro Candy Buffet

Genius! Lafrosty5 and her friends at Sweetlips Design created a retro candy buffet for a benefit gala.

Source: Instagram user lafrosty5 [5]

Ring Pop

How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a mango ring pop? Amroberts4588 might know!

Source: Instagram user amroberts4588 [6]

Japanese Kit Kat

We're so jealous. Missveraaaaa snagged herself a special Japanese Kit Kat flavor.

Source: Instagram user missveraaaaa [7]

Lollies, Gumdrops, and Macarons

Just ask cherisejoelle: this bar of lollipops, gumdrops, and french macaroons was a glorious study in red and pink.

Source: Instagram user cherisejoelle [8]


We love heatherkstew's throwback to childhood with a mug full o' Smarties.

Source: Instagram user heatherkstew [9]

Birthday Candy Bar

Thank goodness rebbyyebby took a picture of her 21st birthday candy bar — it'll last longer.

Source: Instagram user rebbyyebby [10]

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate

Who says simplest can't be best? Case in point was anilem3's chocolate fix of a 72 percent cacao dark chocolate bar. We echo her sentiments: enough said!

Source: Instagram user anilem3 [11]

Oldstyle Saturday Candy

Chocolate chips aren't just for baking. Idafrosk enjoyed them with her coffee!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [12]

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