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Jamie Oliver Serves World Leaders at UK's G20 Summit

Apr 2 2009 - 9:00am

UK's Buckingham Palace has been abuzz as Prime Minister Gordon Brown hosts world leaders from countries such as China, Japan, and the US to discuss key issues surrounding the global economy. Last night, finance ministers took a break from heated dialogue to enjoy a multi-course dinner prepared by UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver [1] in Prime Minister Brown's house at 10 Downing Street [2].

TV's famed Naked Chef cooked the dinner with the help of apprentices from Fifteen London [3], his restaurant that trains unemployed and at-risk youth. The dinner menu [4], which Oliver described [5] as "the best of Britain," features organic, sustainable foods from around the British Isles. To see what President Obama and other leaders ate, .

First Course

Second Course

Third course

So far, the media has been somewhat critical of the menu, and the Guardian [6] called it "not terribly exciting." Still, I think the menu sounds appetizing, although — unlike President Obama [7] — I am a fan of British food. Does the menu impress you?

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