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5 Cool Cooking Tips From Sandwich King Jeff Mauro

Jul 24 2013 - 10:07am

While a big spotlight's been cast on the future king of England [1] this week, there's another king worth toasting to: Sandwich King Jeff Mauro [2], who celebrates his birthday today. In honor of his big day, we're rounding up the Food Network star's most resourceful cooking tips. From nostalgic sandwiches to cold-brewed iced coffee, here are five indispensable nuggets of kitchen wisdom we gleaned from him.

Source: Food Network [3] (©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved), Flickr user Edsel L [4], Anna Monette Roberts

Embrace the Meats of Your Childhood

Jeff recently told us [5] he's seeing a bologna renaissance. "I did a grilled bologna burger [6] last episode on [Sandwich King] that kind of prompted that. I did a really thick cut of grilled bologna. A lot of places in Chicago are doing grilled bologna with a fried egg and onions. People want the nostalgia. That is where a lot of great trends come from, harking back to being a kid and eating grilled bologna. I am going to say that is going to explode even further." We couldn't agree more — and we can't wait to try making an upgraded "baloney" sandwich at home.

Source: Flickr user Edsel L [7]

Pick a Peck of Peppers

"Peppers really add so much to a sandwich without additional fat or calories," Jeff told us last year. "I think you need at least three kinds of jarred peppers in your fridge: a pickled vinegary pepper such as a jalapeño or a cherry pepper, an oil-packed pepper like a hot giardiniera pepper, and then something with a good amount of texture like a sport pepper or a whole pickled jalapeño [8]."

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Pair Cheese With Sweetness (and Spice)

When it comes to pairing cheese with other foods, the Cracker Barrel Cheese spokesperson encourages eaters to go out on a limb [9]. "Try a cracker or pizza bread with fig spread, cheddar cheese, and something spicy like a pickled cherry pepper or banana pepper. It works very well together."

Photo: Nicole Perry

Cold-Brew Your Coffee

The Sandwich King knows quite a bit beyond sandwiches. He also has a penchant for blended iced coffee drinks, and a cold brew [10] is his preferred method. For iced coffee, he maintains that "there is no better way, because you are not brewing it over ice and diluting it. It takes time to do it, but the payoff is great."

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Think Beyond the Bread

Prepare to be blown away (as we were) by Jeff's PB&J coffee [11]. He teamed up with Seattle's Best Coffee to create sandwich-inspired coffee drinks: "I put sandwiches into things, put sandwiches onto things, and this was another challenge for me," Jeff told us of the recipe.

We couldn't agree more, and started musing about more sandwich-inspired creations. Fluffernutter-inspired hot chocolate? Why not?

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

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