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Jessica Biel Eats Chocolate Too!

jessica biel chocolateSurprise! Looks like celebrities do eat chocolate! I knew it, I knew there was no way they could all be sitting around and starving themselves when they have all these great food options at their fingertips.

Turns out that stars like Jessica Biel love to choose chocolate as their treat. The folks at Life & Style Mag report:

Eating it in moderation can actually help stars stick to their diets, since a small splurge can offset the desire for a bigger binge later. Plus, chocolate with a high cocoa content — 70 percent or more — has heart-smart, anti-aging benefits.

“Dark chocolate is a healthy choice because it contains many antioxidants,” says chocolatier to the stars Max Brenner.

So if the celebrities can do it, so can I! Looks like I've just found a new excuse to head over to my local purveyor of fine chocolates.

Source: Life & Style

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