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Kanye West's $3900 Meal

Kanye West's $3900 Meal

Have you ever visited a city, fallen in love with a meal and wished you could have it again? For most of us, we'd have to wait until we had the opportunity to visit again, but there are a select few that can have meals flown in from afar. One of these lucky folks is Kanye West. A feast consisting of onion bhajees, chapati breads, biryanis, pappadums, and a specially prepared fish dish is on its way to New York City from Cardiff, Wales. Ordered by a music promotion company for West and seven guests, the meal will be escorted by a chef during the flight and served on Wednesday. The cost for the meal: about $3900 - and to put that into perspective, a regular dish at the place would cost under $20.

Source: ABC Local
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