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Nature's Lean, Green Machine: Incredibly Versatile Bamboo

Apr 23 2012 - 8:13am

As part of Eco Month [1] on YumSugar, we've been exploring the different ways to eat, cook with [2], and utilize the sustainable plant known as bamboo.

With its status as a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo is the golden child of the eco-friendly marketplace. In the kitchen, it's indispensable, forming the backbone of a myriad of products including cutting boards, utensils, dishware, and even textiles. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite products made with our favorite green material.

Bamboo Handled Cutting Boards

Stripes spice up these handled cutting boards [3] ($25). Once you've bought 'em, learn how to take care of bamboo boards [4], too.

Bamboo-Handled Dish Brush

Scrub away food particles with a cheery bamboo-handled dish brush [5] ($12).

Bamboo-Derived Dish Towels

Brighten up sink-side with vibrant green bamboo-derived dish towels [6] ($11).

Bamboo Tongs

Bamboo tongs [7] ($8) can handle stir-frying, searing, and serving without scratching your pans.

Bamboo Knife Block

The 16 slots of this bamboo knife block [8] ($40) will protect your prized cutlery for years to come.

Bamboo Serving Bowl

Your guests will ask for seconds just to hold this touchable bamboo serving bowl [9] ($120) again!

Mezzaluna Nestled in Bamboo Chopping Block

Mince herbs to perfection with a mezzaluna nestled in a sturdy bamboo chopping block [10] ($160).

Bamboo Steamer

Take on dumplings, veggies, whole fish, and more with a multi-tiered bamboo steamer [11] ($25) set over simmering water.

Bamboo Skewers

Get ready for grilling season with an ample supply of bamboo skewers [12] ($8).

Bamboo Serving Tray

A brightly lacquered bamboo serving tray [13] ($28) adds a springtime pop of color to the table.

Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Even your daily cooking utensils [14] ($20 for a set of 4) can go green with bamboo.

Bamboo Sushi Mat

Roll your way to happiness with bamboo sushi mats [15] ($5).

Bamboo Wine Rack

Rack up eight bottles of your favorite vintages on a stylish bamboo wine rack [16] ($30).

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