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Know Your Teas - Part 2

Somehow this week has ended up as the unofficial YumSugar tea week. We've had tea party plans, tea definitions and all sorts of things tea related. The other day I broke out the difference in standard tea types, and today I thought I'd talk about a few of the more common tea blends.

Chai - The style of preparing black tea (although it can be made with green or oolong) with milk, sugar, and spices (including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and allspice).

Roobios - A flavorful, caffeine-free herbal tea made from a South African shrub. Also known as red tea.

English Breakfast - A full-bodied, robust black tea blend.

Irish Breakfast A full-bodied, malty black tea. It has a strong dark potent character, sometimes compared to stout beer.

Earl Grey - A tea blend with flavor and aroma derived from oil extracted from the fragrant bergamot orange.

Yerba Maté - An herbal tea that is popular in South America, made by steeping dried leaves of Yerba Mate.

Darjeeling - Strong bodied black tea from the province of Darjeeling in India.

What's your favorite kind of tea? Let us all know about it below!

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