You may have heard that Subway launched their new Fresh Fit menu the other day, but did you know that LL Cool J was involved? Apparently he and Jared (you know Subway Jared) were patrolling the streets of New York doing "Random Acts of Fitness." If they found you being healthy, then you would have received a $5 Subway gift card. And with that gift card you could have marched right down to your nearest Subway where you could have purchased one of their new creations.

The new menu has been designed to cater to today's increased health conscious society. The new adult combos will include low-fat 6" subs, Diet Coke/water/1% milk, and sliced apples/raisins/Baked Lays. The kid combo will be a 4" low-fat sub, 1% milk/apple juice and raisins/apples.

Source: Slashfood

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