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Taste Test: Lay's Potato Chip Flavors From All Over the World

Jul 10 2012 - 4:05am

We hesitate to admit it, yet it's true: American tourists love to stop at the local grocery stories in other countries to check out what American brands look and taste like. We get a major kick out of the weird flavors and packaging that are marketing to the taste buds and preferences of other cultures. Lay's recently sent us eight flavors from different countries around the world, and we delightfully conducted a potato chip taste test. With flavors like Rennet Cheese, Crab, and Nori Seaweed from countries like Spain and Thailand, see which chips were let-downs and which ones won our hearts over.

Elma Chips Brazil: Rennet Cheese With Pepper and Coriander

What our tasters thought: The flavor sounded promising, but the delivery was less so. Tasters complained that the chips "tasted like nothing at all" and "bland at best." They also detected a "strange aftertaste" that was "starchy" and "stale."

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Greece: Crab

What our tasters thought: We are all for crustacean-flavored snacks, but these chips were "too fishy" and uncomfortably reminiscent of "dried cuttlefish (the Asian kind)."

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Spain: Shrimp and Garlic

What our tasters thought: Tasters' eyes lit up when trying these chips that "started shrimpy and finished garlicky." While a few tasters loved the "powerful kick of flavors," others found this combo "way too strong" and "chemical-y."

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Thailand: Hot Chili Squid

What our tasters thought: This chip was a hit for its "ridged texture and spicy flavor." As for the fishy flavor, no one found it overwhelming. One commenter noted that the flavors were "more sweet, like barbecue."

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Spain: Olive Oil

What our tasters thought: Compared to the Original Lay's chips in America, these Spanish chips had a "blander, less salty flavor" but are "crispier and thicker than normal." Some actually preferred the neutral flavor, adding that these would make a "great accompaniment for a sandwich."

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Thailand: Nori Seaweed

What our tasters thought: Those who love nori snacks will adore these chips for their "sweet and salty flavor" that "reminds us of Japanese rice crackers." The only problem is the "bag is too small!"

Tasters' rating average:

Lay's Thailand: Lobster Hot Plate

What our tasters thought: We were impressed with these lobster chips, which were "so good and buttery." They had a "mild, creamy flavor" with a "nice kick of spice at the end."

Tasters' rating average:

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