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Learn to Cut Pineapple, in Pictures

Feb 5 2017 - 6:45am

Pineapple can be intimidating to prep, but it's time to stop buying plastic containers full of precut fruit and learn how to properly cut one. Even if it feels a little awkward at first, in time, it'll be a breeze. If you want to learn an easy way to do it, then take a look at these step-by-step photos.

— Additional reporting by Nicole Perry

Lay the pineapple on its side and cut the top.

Rotate the pineapple and cut off the bottom. This way, the pineapple can stand up on either end.

Run the knife down the length of the pineapple. You want to cut in deep enough so that all the prickly brown bits are cut off. I make about seven cuts, but you could do more or less, depending on how much you chop off, and how big your pineapple is.

Trim off any remaining skin. Also, use a melon baller to cut out the tough brown eyes in the flesh of the fruit.

This is what it looks like when all the outside pieces have been removed.

Next, cut the pineapple down the center.

Rotate the knife 90 degrees and cut through the center again, resulting in four even pineapple pieces.

For each piece, slice off the tough core, which is found in the center of the fruit. Some people actually like the fibrous core and leave it in, although it should be noted that it can irritate your mouth [1].

Now you have ready-to-cut pineapple spears.

Line up the spears and cut them in half.

Chop them into the width of your liking.

Ta da! Now you're ready to eat pineapple cubes. They'd be an excellent addition to a smoothie [2], ceviche [3], or a salad [4].

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