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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.3

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.3

In last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen, the contestants chickened out — literally and figuratively. As a wake-up call, the wannabe chefs had to chase and catch live chickens. Later, during the dinner service several members of each team cracked under the pressure. After the girls won the chicken-cutting challenge — and took a trip to one of the Sunset strip's most famous restaurants, the Saddle Ranch — they stooped to new lows to figure out the men's weaknesses. To discuss the episode and check out my favorite Ramsay quotes,


I don't know about you, but I was incredibly relieved to see Jason sent home. Weren't you disgusted by his futile attempt — and sexist remarks — at being a pastry chef? The episode brought to mind more questions:

  1. Does Corey have evil tendencies or was she just playing the game?
  2. Did you think Gordon was really going to make the chefs chop off a live chicken's head?
  3. Was it a good or bad idea for the girls to discuss their strategy with Ramsay?
  4. Were the girls obviously trying too hard when they wanted to get the guys in the hot tub?
  5. Doesn't Gordon seem totally obsessed with tableside serving?
  6. Did anyone else wonder what dish the crispy bacon was for?
  7. How would you feel if Gordon yelled at you in the middle of the service? Would you cry?
  8. Did you think Christina was going to put Corey up to the chopping block?

Everyone knows that the best part of Hell's Kitchen is when Gordon goes crazy. Besides repeatedly banging his head on the kitchen counter, here are my favorite Gordon Ramsay moments from last night:

  • On waking the contestants to hunt for chickens: Wakey, wakey. Get your chicken and head downstairs now. . . . Not these chickens you doughnuts!
  • On Rosann screwing up the Caesar salad: You're not f**king stupid, you're from the backstreets. . . . you got me, yeah f***ing right you got me. Welcome back you f***ing bitches of hell!
  • On Jason finally remembering the desserts: Big boy put your mind to it, you would be surprised what you can do in life.
  • On the girls burning four steaks: This is f***ing embarrassing, that's not a f***ng saute pan. That's a furnace, it's scorched. Cooking my ass!
  • On Vanessa's presence in the kitchen: Talking to you in service is like talking to a refrigeration unit, you're stone cold

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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