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Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.6

Let's Dish: Hell's Kitchen 4.6

Was last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen both the worst and best so far? The farmers' market challenge felt like I was watching Top Chef but the crazed teenage birthday party felt like I was watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. Did you watch? What did you think of the episode?

To discuss the boy's win, the overbearing mother, Matty's behavior, and everything in between,


  1. Were you surprised by the farmers' market challenge?
  2. Is there something totally wrong with Matt's palette? Sushi pizza on tortilla? Every week he comes up with a grosser dish.
  3. Were the boys right to ignore Matt?
  4. Wasn't it insane when the 16-year-old birthday girl, who lives in LA said she had never eaten shrimp?
  5. Corey. Louross. Hot tub. What the heck was going on there?
  6. Are you sick of everyone ganging up on each other?
  7. Were the mother, daughter, and party planner actually actors?
  8. Who performed worse in the dinner service: Rosann or Shayna?

What would an episode of Hell's Kitchen be like without the cursing, shouting, and questioning of Gordon Ramsay?! Here are his finest moments from last night:

  • On cooking for teenagers: Did we use the time wisely? Did we think about our presentation? Sweet 16 is all about trends. If it doesn't look good, they won't eat it.
  • On the boy's work ethic: Alright guys, get them in the oven! Why are you standing there pissing around with them?
  • On Rosann messing up the birthday girl's steak: Get out of the way! That's not medium well. Let me cook that. If you want to do a job good, do it yourself. Move away! Leave me alone!
  • On Shayna's performance: You're just too slow! Get a grip. I told her, I told her. Shayna wake up a little bit!
  • On Bobby taking over Matt's station: Why is Bobby over there? You're cooking? And he's running around wiping your ass! You did a f***ing good job of hiding. Are you going to run your f***ing station?
  • Photos courtesy of Fox.

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