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Let's Dish: What Are Your Guilty Pleasure Chips?

Let's Dish: What Are Your Guilty Pleasure Chips?

On Monday, we received a shipment of chips, and one particular flavor has been the Achilles heel of our existence in the office ever since. The bag in question is a giant-sized package of Lay's Lightly Salted Potato Chips, and it's currently in hiding in my file cabinet, because every time it sees the light of day, it experiences a brush with near-instant extermination.

PartySugar begged me to keep them far away from her, because, as she says, plain potato crisps are her "guilty pleasure chips." I believe everyone has at least one of these; mine, for instance, are Flamin' Hot Cheetos. They're not good for me, but every now and again I ache for them so badly that I let myself buy them. What bag of goodies can you not resist?

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