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How Celebrities and Brands Celebrated National Pancake Day

Mar 4 2014 - 3:38pm

Everyone on the web flipped out and tweeted, instagrammed, and facebooked some variation of #NationalPancakeDay, which falls on March 4. The pancake house IHOP even declared that in honor of the day, it would provide free pancakes to customers. Some took the restaurant up on its offer, some made homemade pancakes, a few served pancake jokes, and others posted recipes and pinned photos, making us all hanker for a stack. We particularly enjoyed the social media offerings of these celebrities and brands.

Source: Twitter user TheRock [1]

IHOP Pancakes

Nope. We're thinking it makes you seem like a true gent.

Source: Twitter user IHOP [2]

DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno does it again, wedging its way into a trending tweet that has nothing to do with it [3] in the most hilarious way.

Source: Twitter user DiGiornoPizza [4]

Olympic Ring Pancakes

Olympian Aimee Fuller shared a pic of colorful rings, made by her best bud.

Source: Facebook user Aimee Fuller [5]

Pancakes? No Thanks

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli pshawed pancake day in favor of waffles. #TeamWaffles!

Source: Twitter user guarnaschelli [6]

Dominator of a Dozen

Dwayne Johnson gave himself a new nickname (#UncleJemima) and defeated a full dozen pancakes.

Source: Twitter user TheRock [7]


"I'd love to make a veggie pancake. Thanks for the idea!" said no one on National Pancake Day.

Source: Twitter user MelissadArabian [8]

Pancakes Every Way

Chef Jamie Oliver [9] blasted our feed with all sorts of delicious-looking pancake recipes all day long, including a perfect basic [10].

Source: Twitter user jamieoliver [11]

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