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Is It OK to Use Sexuality to Promote Vegetarianism?

While I don't have a problem with consuming any kind of meat, I do find it troublesome when women are portrayed as a type of meat. Although exploiting the female body to promote vegetarianism or veganism is nothing new, a recent article in the New York Times highlights the trend. The article discusses a vegan strip club — Casa Diablo — in Oregon that attempts to convert meat-eating males to veganism, as well as a Los Angeles dance group — the Vegan Vixens — that performs at events and trade shows. Both parties are happy to be a part of a growing group of vegans who don't mind showing a little skin. Here's a quick excerpt:

Vegans who use sexuality to promote the cause say it is a good way to convert carnivores.

It's a known fact that sex sells, but I can't help but feel this movement is a step backward. What do you think about it? Is it OK to use sexuality to promote vegetarianism?


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