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Off To Market: Commuter's Breakfast

Off To Market: Commuter's Breakfast

My friend Kathleen commutes to work each and everyday. She hates driving and traffic, so she grabs her laptop or Vogue and catches the bus at the way-too-early time of 6:52 am. She asked me if I had any ideas for a healthy, nutritious on the go breakfast that is more substantial than a banana or yogurt. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Kathleen skips it practically every morning. She's naturally very thin, focuses very hard on her work and often times "forgets" to eat. This, dear readers, is why she needs our help desperately. It's time to hit the market in search of the best commuter's breakfast that will get her day started out on the right foot. The breakfast should be fast and must be transportable. Save your finds and recipes in the Yum Market or the recipe database with the tag, Commuter's Breakfast.

For more on the Yum Market and how to submit recipes, read geeksugar's informative explanation.

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