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Off To Market: New Blender

May 11 2007 - 4:21am

I've decided to give myself a spring time treat in the form of a new blender. As you can imagine I'm all about cocktail making during the summer and I try to use as many fresh ingredients that oftentimes require blending and blitzing. A new blender that can expertly and efficiently crush ice and smoothly mix it into a piƱa colada is very important to me. My blender is several years old and after reading an article [1] about certain blenders with blades that blend so fast they can make hot soup, I found myself wanting a new blender. Let's all head off to market in search of a new blender that can break down ice and pineapples. Save your blenders in the Yum Market [2] on TeamSugar with the tag words New Blender [3].

Please refer to geeksugar's bookmarking how to [4] for more on submitting your fab foodie finds to the Yum Market.

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