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Off To Market: One Pot Meal

Dec 22 2006 - 10:32am

My sister has invited all of her friends to the family cabin for a little rest, relaxation and snowboarding. Even though I won't be able to attend, she asked me to make her a big batch of soup, stew, or chili to serve on the night they arrive. She's going to serve her meal in this flame colored (the one on top) over-sized soup pot.

This one pot meal has to be hearty, hot and easy to transport. So we're off to the market to search for the best soup, stew, or chili recipe that will feed a crowd and travel well. Post your recipes in the recipe section [1] of TeamSugar [2] and be sure to tag them with "One Pot Meal [3]." If you discover anything interesting along the way (bowls to serve it in, beer to serve it with) post these finds in the Yum Market [4].

To learn more about posting your recipes [5] or the Yum Market [6] check out the geeksugar guide [7] to saving on TeamSugar [7].

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