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Off To Market Recap: Candy Thermometer

Jun 27 2007 - 1:12am

Last week YumSugar and I got into a heated discussion about candy thermometers. We both have candy thermometers that we use but are totally disappointed with. I've purchased several of the same one and it breaks every time I use it. YumSugar's thermometer isn't specifically for candy and lacks a fixture to clamp it to the side of the pot. So I asked you to help us out and find the most efficient candy thermometers. I told you it had to be a reliable gadget that actually works. You saved your candy thermometers in the Yum Market [1] on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Candy Thermometer [2].

The thermometer that gets me the most excited to make caramel is this digital one [3] found by daddio49 [4]. Battery operated and easily attachable to a pot, it can be set for a specific sugar or deep frying temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, it flashes and beeps-this is a candy thermometer that would make geeksugar [5] proud. Take a look at all of the tools you found by scrolling through the list below.

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To learn more about TeamSugar's fabulous bookmark capability, refer to geeksugar's how to [6].

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