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Off To Market Recap: Dishtowels

With the forthcoming arrival of my favorite season of the year (summer) I'm getting ready to spend a lot of time over at my grandfather Al's house. He has an amazing pool and a fabulous kitchen to cook in: it's super open, always clean, and has two ovens. However when I go to clean up after cooking, he never has any nice dishtowels - which can be mildly frustrating. That's why I've asked you to help me by finding Al some new dishtowels. I told you I wanted towels that were durable and simple. No hearts and nothing too girly. You searched for block colors and nautical accents and saved the towels in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Dishtowels. The striped (everyone found towels with stripes!) towels that will most match Al's kitchen and persona are:

I love these plaid seersucker towels and will get one in every color for Al. Thanks for the awesome find amyfinke!

Two more towels so read more

Al can use these sturdy green stripped towels for everyday use. These practical towels were found by wiggle that said she bought them for a bachelor friend and he loves them. Sounds like they'll be perfect for my bachelor of all bachelors grandfather!

Vuittonish found these muted colored plain dishtowels. It's always good to have a variety of different fabrics with your dishtowels. These will work well for hand drying wine and martini glasses.

To teach you how to bookmark in the Yum Market, geeksugar has created a helpful how-to.

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