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Off to Market Recap: Salad Tongs

Recently I told you I want to eat more salads. I asked you to help me find some new salad tongs to promote my New Year's resolution. You looked for eclectic tongs that would be wonderful on a dinner-party table. You saved your tongs in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag Salad Tongs.

You guys found a bunch of great options. I had a hard time deciding between these Nambe Cherry Salad Server Set and the Wood and Bone Salad Server Set, both of which were bookmarked by TeamSugar member gruaig_rua. I like them both so much that I think I may have to pick up a set of each! To see the rest of the salad tongs, scroll through below.

GeekSugar has put together an explanation on how to use TeamSugar's bookmarking features.

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