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Office Lunch Etiquette: Don't Bring Smelly Food

Office Lunch Etiquette: Don't Bring Smelly Food

I happen to sit right next to the kitchen at my office. While this has plenty of perks (I can easily refill my water bottle all day) it also has its downfalls. The biggest of which is the wide variety of stenches that come wafting towards me each afternoon around lunchtime. One of the girls I work with has an extremely sensitive stomach when it comes to odd smells (she swears she's not pregnant) and is always feeling nauseous due to people's stinky lunches. I'm all for packing a lunch and bringing it to work - it's healthier and cheaper (according to geeksugar you can save $5000 a year if you make your lunch... think about it: you could go on several luxurious vacations or buy 2.5 Chanel handbags!), but when you decide what to pack keep in mind the presence and noses of your coworkers. Foods with heavy smells such as curried fish with asparagus or spicy unusual dishes are NOT OKAY as they will fill the office with an unpleasant smell for the rest of the day.
Sandwiches, salad, soups, and foods that have relatively little to no smell are acceptable and encouraged. If the kitchen in your office has a door (mine doesn't) this does not automatically mean you are free to bring super fragrant food. Remember that your coworkers will be eating in that kitchen and you should be respectful. The last thing you want is people at the office calling you Stinky Food Girl behind your back. So do yourself and your colleagues a favor, don't bring smelly food to work.

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