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Meet the Bill Burger, a Burger in a Hot Dog Bun!

Jun 28 2011 - 1:47pm

There are many famous burgers out there: the juicy Lucy, the Shake Shack burger, the In-N-Out Burger. But until recently, I had never heard of the Bill Burger. Famous in the golf world — it's found at San Francisco's Olympic Club — the Bill is a burger that's shaped like a hot dog and served in a hot dog bun. Read on to learn more about this all-American delicacy!

The Bill Burger was created in the 1950s by Bill Parish. He opened a trailer outside of the Olympic Club and served golfers hot dogs and hamburgers. Since he didn't want to pay for two different kinds of buns, he made a burger in the shape of a hot dog, and served it in a hot dog bun. The burgers became so popular among the golfers that the Olympic Club invited Bill inside to set up shop along the course.

Nowadays, Bill's daughter is in charge of making the burgers. They have a special mold that shapes the ground beef into skinny rectangular patties. Each patty is a quarter pound of beef.

The patties are cooked on a large hot griddle. They are seasoned several times with a heavy sprinkling of salt and black pepper.

While waiting for a burger, one should take a look around. The exclusive Olympic Club is a gorgeous course — even on a cold foggy day.

Back to the burger! After a quick flip, the patties are topped with thick narrow slices of American cheese.

Grilled onions, charred on the griddle, are a must-have topping on the Bill Burger.

The buns are toasted alongside the patties.

The burgers are served in convenient wax paper bags. The hot dog shape makes them totally portable and easy to eat with one hand. The wax paper bag ensures that no golf clothes get dirty!

The classic Bill Burger toppings are ketchup, yellow mustard, pickles, and a special zesty relish. Man, this burger is good!

The meat is cooked perfectly! Have you ever had a hot dog-shaped burger?

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