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Out of Hell: Jason Swears He's Not Sexist

Out of Hell: Jason Swears He's Not Sexist

This week Gordon Ramsay asked Jason to hang up his chef's coat and leave Hell's Kitchen. Jason's obnoxious attitude towards females has bothered me since day one so I wasn't too upset to see him sent home. However, it was incredibly interesting to speak with him after the fact. He felt relieved to be out of Ramsay's hellish kitchen and continues to work at a restaurant off the strip in Vegas. To see what he had to say when we chatted — he swears he's NOT sexist —


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated?
: It felt crappy to be eliminated. It feels good to be out.

PS: Is Gordon really as big of a jerk as he seems?
: It may very well be an act for television, but it sure doesn't feel like it. It's not like the guy is hugging you or shaking your hand after the dinner service. But the prize is worth a lot more. Gordon has to really consider the winner because he will be cooking in his kitchen, not just someone else's restaurant. I think he was harder on us than he was for any other crew. He told us not to look at it as a competition, but to look at is as a real job. That was the worst kitchen I've ever worked in. There is no way I would put up with any of that if it was just a job.

PS: Do you think men are superior to woman?
: Slightly. It's not as bad as they portrayed it on the show. I don't know why everyone has to hate me. People should have taken it as a joke, I was just having fun. It's television. Everyone thinks they know me, but I'm not that bad. I'm sure there are good female chefs out there; it's just that, honestly, I have never run into one in any kitchen.

PS: Why did you give up? What made you want to quit?
: Frustration. I was tired of looking bad. Lack of sleep, I was tired of being tired. There are all these things that happened that you didn't see. I felt relieved to be kicked off. I wouldn't do it again. I was constantly being singled out and really didn't know what I was getting into.

PS: Who are you rooting for?
: As sexist as you think I am, I'm actually rooting for Christina. She seems more professional and quiet than any of the girls. Corey is too stuck on herself. It's girls who act like Corey — girls who use what they got, their bodies — that make guys like me be sexist.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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