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British Court Rules Pringles Are Indeed Potato Chips

May 28 2009 - 10:30am

Pringles [1] might be nicknamed "crack in a cardboard tube," but in the eyes of the UK government, they are still considered potato chips [2].

Last year, a UK judge ruled that because Pringles contains less than 50 percent potato and is formed into an artificial shape, it's not a chip, and therefore isn't subject to the 15 percent country's value-added tax. But in a major defeat for Pringles parent company P&G, this ruling was overturned, and the corporation must fork over approximately £100 million, or $159 million, in taxes.

In the appeal, P&G's lawyers insisted that the snacks were not potato chips, citing [3] the "uniform color" and arguing that its "regular shape" is "not found in nature." P&G also maintains that Pringles are only 42 percent potato, a fact I'm pretty taken aback by. The chips other ingredients include maltodextrin, dextrose, and wheat starch [4].

Are you surprised to hear about these ingredients? Do you consider Pringles to be chips?

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