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Pretty Packaging Tips For Edible Gifts

Dec 6 2011 - 4:45am

From homemade gin [1] to chocolate caramel corn [2], we've got you covered when it comes to edible gifts [3] for the holidays. But now it's time to wrap 'em up! We've grouped your tasty goodies into five categories: cookies, jams and sauces, spirits, nuts and popcorn, and spices. Click on for tips and wrapping products to package your yummy gifts with style. And if you're shipping them, be sure to check out FedEx's tips for crumble-free packing [4].

The Gift: Nuts and Popcorn

Now that you've whipped up chocolate and caramel popcorn [5], spicy almonds [6], or smoky cashews [7], it's time to bag up the holiday goodies! Go with a printable popcorn box [8] ($8), a cellophane bag [9] ($7 for 20), or a baker's bag [10] ($3.25) to start. Label the treats by using a gold marker [11] ($2.20) on adhesive blank labels [12] ($2.20 for 24) and seal 'em up with these festive twisties [13] ($3 for 50). Add some flair with a bow gift tag [14] ($6) or a gold wire ribbon [15] ($8.50).

The Gift: Jams and Sauces

From chocolate hazelnut spread [16] to caramel sauce [17] to bacon jam [18], jarred goods make delectable gifts. Start with a classic canning jar [19] ($18 for 12) or Storage Jars [20] ($3-$10), cover with fabric like this polka-dot printed linen [21] ($18), and secure with grosgrain ribbons [22] ($28 for five) or Pompom Twine [23] ($8). Label the spreadable treat with Vintage Christmas Gift Tags [24] ($15) or print your own labels [25] for free. And don't forget to tie on a small condiment spoon [26] ($2)!

The Gift: Cookies

For yummy baked treats like double-chocolate cranberry cookies [27] or peppermint patties [28], festive tins and patterned paper are in order. You can go with a kit, like Paula Deen [29]'s six-piece Blue Cookie Gift Kit [30] ($15), or put together your own package starting with a solid red tin [31] ($4), some chic baking cups [32] ($4) for the cookies, and either glamorous lace tissue paper [33] ($12) or whimsical polka-dot waxed tissue [34] ($12) to line the tin. If you really want the sweets to shine, use a cellophane gift bag [35] ($20 for 12) or wrap cellophane around this China Strawberry Basket [36] ($20) and secure with red and white baker's twine [37] ($15).

The Gift: Spirits

Whether you're making homemade gin [38] or limoncello [39], you'll need to find the perfect bottle and festively dress it up. You can go old-school with vintage decanters [40] ($40 for three) or modern with a glass bottle [41] ($3). Include some sleek pourers [42] ($9.50) for measuring the liqueur. And for the final touches, use luxurious ribbon like Ballard Design's Wired Velvet Ribbon [43] ($9) or Anthropologie's Etoile Ribbon [44] ($8), tie on a pretty label like this felt flower with chalkboard leaf [45] ($9), and pop it in a canvas tote [46] ($13) they can reuse long after the bottle is emptied.

The Gift: Spices

If you're gifting some homemade spices, like an all-purpose spice rub [47], you'll need small canisters like this spice jar [48] ($2.50), a set of magnetic tins [49] ($10 for five), or these jars with labels [50] ($18 for 12). And don't forget the labels! Love Angela Adams's box of labels ($16 for 100) and these scalloped chalkboard labels [51] ($5 for 10) for easily reusing the containers.

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