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Party Foul: Coming Empty Handed

Recently I attended a friend's destination bachelorette party. I was having a lovely time until one of the organizers asked everyone to get their present. I looked around panic stricken and wondered how I didn't know about this special surprise. Apparently, a group of the girls decided to get flashy presents — lingerie, boas, sunglasses — for the bride to wear on our big night out. I loved the idea, but wondered why we weren't all included?

Giving out details to select guests or informing only a group of guests that gifts are expected is not cool. Not only does it make the hostess look bad — why have a party if you're not going to include everyone in the fun? — but it's rude and will leave guests feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please share your bachelorette horror stories below!

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