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A Picture Perfect Daytime Bridal Shower

Aug 26 2010 - 9:45am

Readers, get excited: since I shared the invite [1] and party plan [2], I wanted to show you how the actual event turned out. It was the first time I hosted a bridal shower and although it took some effort to put everything together, I'm happy to report it was a success! Here, you'll find all of the delicious details.

Photos Courtesy of Erin Arago

I purchased a bunch of flowers at the Flower Mart [3] the day before the party. We arranged them at my house on Friday afternoon.

I love the way tissue paper dahilas look. I followed this easy how-to [4], but instead of wrapping the flowers around napkins, I hung them decoratively around the patio.

A satin ribbon tail is so pretty!

The party was held in the bride's parents' lovely backyard.

The flowers were a medley of deep purples, light lavenders, and jewel-like burgundies.

To create depth and visually stimulate the guests, I mixed low and high floral arrangements. Satin ribbon was wound into a wall ornament to make it feel more celebratory.

The menu was modeled after the invite [5] and included a delightful spread of pesceterian-friendly food: greens and sweet onion frittata, Summer corn soup [6], zucchini crostini [7], tomato tart, a selection of artisanal cheese, smoked salmon mousse, and two-olive tapenade. For dessert: vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd filling and whipped raspberry frosting.

Although the party was at 1 in the afternoon, these wine glass candles matched so well that I decided to incorporate them into the decor.

The spread of cheese was laid out on a small folding table. I made the tablecloth out of white eyelet cotton.

On the left is a cheddar whose rind was washed in wine; on the right is Rogue Creamery's smoky blue [8]. Figs, crackers, smoked salmon mousse, honey, and tapenade round out the decadent spread.

On the other side of the cheese table we have classic parmesan and Humboldt Fog [9] goat cheese paired with fresh apricot halves and crostini.

To create a flow and encourage people to mingle, I set up stations. This station was the food table.

Crisp white tablecloths let the food be the focal point.

The only food that required a plate and knife was the tomato tart. Everything else could be picked up and popped in the mouth.

The zucchini crostini [10] were a huge hit; if you haven't made them, do it soon!

Another station was for the drinks. Glasses, wine, lemonade, and water were laid out for guests to help themselves.

I purchased the wine from my favorite local wine shop, Vine and Barrel [11]. The knowledgeable owner Jason helped me select three interesting bottles: a sparkling Rosé from Australia, a South African Sauvignon Blanc, and a wonderful Chardonnay from Monterey.

Inside, out of the hot sun, I set up a color-coded candy bar [12].

Guests were invited to fill a cellophane bag with sweets.

To add height and dimension in the bar, I turned over glass bowls and glasses. An upside-down margarita glass makes for a great pedestal! The spread included purple licorice, jelly beans, and M&Ms.

I picked up all the candy, including chocolate-covered espresso beans, vanilla taffy, and grapefruit gummies, at Powell's Sweet Shoppe [13].

The glittery casis-flavored purple macaroons were from La Boulange [14] bakery.

Don't the cupcakes look divine?

When it was time to open presents we sat in a circle.

Although the party was all about the bride, Iggy the dog managed to steal the spotlight!

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