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10 Types of Doughnuts From Around the World

Aug 31 2010 - 6:50am

Delicious, fried dough isn't easy to resist, so it makes sense that there's a variation of the doughnut in practically every region in the world. From rosquillas to loukoumades, I've picked 10 treats for the globetrotter with a sweet tooth, along with links to recipes so that you can make them at home! Check out the deep-fried eye candy when you read more!

Source: Flickr User _e.t [1]

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These Greek deep-fried balls coated in honey [5] are tiny but tasty!

Source: Flickr User avlxyz [6]


No complaints about this holiday tradition! These jelly-filled doughnuts [7] are an Israeli dessert enjoyed prior to and during Hanukkah.

Source: Flickr User Whistling in the Dark [8]


These German doughnuts [9] are solid (not rings) and usually filled with jam or marmalade.

Source: Flickr User nutbird [10]


Tuscany's fried doughnuts get a boozy twist in this eggplant jelly bomboloni recipe [11].


The fried, square, powder sugar-coated doughnuts originated in Louisiana. Try this recipe for buttermilk beignets [12].

Source: Flickr User chuckyeagar [13]


The Dutch's doughnut balls [14] are typically filled with raisins and enjoyed during New Year's celebrations.

Source: Flickr User roolrool [15]


Although these deep-fried treats [16] are Portuguese, they are especially popular in Hawaii.

Source: Flickr User _e.t [17]


This Indian doughnut [18] is dipped in a sugar syrup.

Source: Flickr User Kirti Poddar [19]


Hailing from Spain, these doughnuts [20] come in many varieties, but are typically denser than American doughnuts.

Source: Flickr User Charman82 [21]

Kuih Keria

These sweet potato doughnuts [22] are a Malaysian specialty.

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