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Poll: Are You a Big Snacker?

Are You a Big Snacker?

Yesterday, while reviewing Cape Cod Popcorn, I admitted I was a huge snacker with more than a few downfalls — one of them being weightless, fluffy, crunchy popcorn. Are you a big snacker, or do you only eat meals?

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prencesschris prencesschris 6 years
yup...i rather snack than eat meals
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 6 years
It sucks when I wake up in the morning with little pieces of bacon in the bed................
xxstardust xxstardust 6 years
Oh, and I'm also a big fan of chewing gum - I think with the snacking I just like the motion of my jaw going all day so I try to chew a lot of gum!
xxstardust xxstardust 6 years
I'm definitely a HUGE snacker, but I also eat less then most people during my actual meals. I almost always skip breakfast, and usually also forgo lunch, so I tend to graze all day on little (but generally healthy) things all day and eat one meal a day at dinnertime.
dianadilettante dianadilettante 6 years
Haha, I'm the same as #7. It just doesn't feel right if my jaw isn't yakking away at some snack.
lydialee_home lydialee_home 6 years
I snack too much and not the healthy kind either. All my coworkers know that I stock up lots of snacks. :)
kulikuli kulikuli 6 years
I snack all the time, healthy stuff, not so healthy stuff lol. Whatever i feel like, whenever it is, i eat it if i can :-) I LOVE Food! Yum!
darc5204 darc5204 6 years
I definitely snack every day, but I still stick to healthy stuff for the most part.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I don't eat random food during the day like a lot of people do when they snack; I eat meals and planned snacks that are sort of like meals. I never just go into the kitchen and grab a bag of chips or cookies and just start eating. I just don't get all that hungry between meals, I guess.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 6 years
Not really--Totally depends on the days. Those silly days before my period LOL, I become an eating machine. I try to kind of stop eating huge portion, and instead kind of spread it out (by snacking little by little) during those days. But it's hard, I don't understand why I feel like I need to eat more during the week before my period.
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
it really depends on the day - but lately if i've had snacks - i've kept it pretty healthy (thank goodness for being preggo)
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 6 years
No. I eat three square meals a day. Personally, I could only eat when I'm hungry. That's when I have appetite for food. Also, I'm neurotic about oral hygiene. I brush and floss after every time I eat. I cannot endure food in between my teeth and on my breath. So I don't want to go through that cleaning ritual for just a snack (when I'm not hungry). It's not worth it. :)
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