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Campaign Trail Eats: From Bratwurst to Barbecue

Nov 6 2012 - 3:30am

Being a presidential candidate means a few things: little sleep, lots of handshakes, and on-the-go eating. For Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, it's not all about fast food, though there has been quite a bit of takeout on the campaign trail. Obama treats himself to sweets, and Romney makes his own peanut butter and honey sandwiches. On Election Day 2012, let's take a look back at what's fueled this year's presidential hopefuls.


What better way to end a day of campaign events in September than with a sausage from Milwaukee Brat House in Wisconsin?

Hoagie Sandwich

After hosting a roundtable discussion with small business owners in May, Obama picked up a sub sandwich from Taylor Gourmet, an Italian deli and market in Washington DC.

Ice Cream

Back in June, the president satisfied his sweet tooth with ice cream from a local New Hampshire restaurant. It wasn't the only time he'd enjoy a frozen treat during the campaign.

French Fries

We're not sure how Michelle Obama would feel about this: in September, the president munched on some french fries at Miami's OMG! Burgers during an event about voter registration.

Dim Sum

Surprise! Obama made an unexpected visit to Great Eastern Restaurant for takeout in San Francisco's Chinatown in February.

Ice Cream (Again)

The president's flavor of choice? Mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone, at least on this July day at Deb's Ice Cream and Deli in Iowa.


Over the Summer, Obama had lunch with soldiers and barbers in honor of Father's Day [1] at Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse in Washington DC.

Snow Cone

Snow cones aren't just for kids. The president indulged in some shaved ice from Tropical Sno in August during a three-day campaign bus tour through Iowa.


He may have his own family chili recipe [2], but that didn't stop Obama from ordering takeout from the Skyline Chili restaurant in Cincinnati in July.

Strawberry Pie

The president drew laughs when he shared his strawberry pie with a boy at Ohio's Kozy Corners restaurant during a July bus tour.

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

Romney's been known to make his own peanut butter and honey sandwiches throughout the election season. Here he enjoys one while browsing notes aboard his bus to a campaign rally in Ohio in early November.

Fast Food

Before he was announced as the Republican Party's vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan joined Romney for lunch in April at Culver's fast-food restaurant in Wisconsin.


Barbecue to go, please. Romney ordered takeout from Hudson's Smokehouse in South Carolina just days before the state's Republican primary.


Romney chatted with patrons while grabbing dinner at a Wendy's in Ohio during a break from campaigning back in October.


As crunch time neared during the end of October, Romney snacked on yogurt as he traveled to Moline, IL, aboard his campaign plane.


Romney made a stop for Mexican food at a Chipotle restaurant in Denver in early October.

Ice Cream

Obama isn't the only one with a craving for sweets. The Republican nominee for president enjoyed ice cream and company during an August campaign stop at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl in Ohio.


Just a day before the final presidential debate in October, Romney spent his time enjoying a meal with his family at BurgerFi restaurant in Florida.


After a rally in Florida, Romney and his wife, Ann, made a stop at the Tin Fish restaurant in Illinois in October.


It may seem like an unlikely place for a lunch stop, but in June, Romney picked up a sandwich from a deli inside a Pennsylvania gas station.

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