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7 Recipes For a Rainy Day

Apr 28 2013 - 4:25am

April may be almost over, but we have a funny feeling that we haven't seen the last of those pesky Spring showers. Don't let the rain get you down; instead, channel all of that energy into some culinary projects and challenges. We've got eight ideas for recipes to make while it's coming down outside. Some of them may take a bit of extra effort, but it will be worth it when you can cuddle up in front of a good movie with some delicious eats while you wait for the sun to come out again.

Hot Cocoa-Nut

Warm your hands, heart, and tummy with a cup of hot chocolate [1] (made with powdered coconut milk!).

Cheese Diablo Wafers

These savory biscuits [2] come with a kick (from the cayenne pepper involved), so they are sure to bring a little heat to your rainy day.

Baked Potato Soup

It's the best of both worlds: a baked potato but in soup form [3]. This may be the quintessential rainy day meal.

Leek and Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Nothing says indulgence like a bowl of piping hot macaroni and cheese [4]. It's the perfect counter to a dreary rainy day.

Butternut Squash and Brie Pizza

Have a pizza day (or night!) and come up with interesting, unexpected toppings like butternut squash and Brie. [5]

Roast Chicken

Few things are more comforting than the smell of a chicken roasting away [6] in the oven. Try cooking yours in a cast-iron pan for maximum juiciness.

Double Chocolate Soufflé

Are you up for a soufflé challenge [7]? Take on this task one day when you're stuck inside, and you'll end up with a sweet, sweet reward.

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