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Ramsay's on the Rampage

Ramsay's on the Rampage

Get ready, Gordon Ramsay's back and this time he's taking his culinary boot camp on the road. This spring, when Hell's Kitchen returns to FOX, we'll find Ramsay helping out restaurants in crisis. Dubbed "Kitchen Nightmares," the show will feature Ramsay whipping kitchens all over America in to shape. In this new format (which is actually based on a show he did in the UK), there's no room for lazy chefs, temperamental wait staffs, or unhappy diners.

Now, I actually never saw Hell's Kitchen, but I did end up catching some of Ramsay's F Word. From what I have seen of his personality, I would be completely terrified if he came into my restaurant and tried to clean house. However, if you know someone with a restaurant who would go crazy over the idea, then be sure to have them download the application. Who knows, maybe we'll see him or her get yelled at this spring.

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