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Reader Recipe: Chocolate Covered Apples

Even though Christmas has come and gone, it's still the perfect season for making homemade goods for your favorite friends and neighbors. TeamSugar member NadiaPotter recently shared her recipe for chocolate covered apples. She tells you everything she needs, and even provides a cute way to present it. Get the recipe now, just


Chocolate Covered Apples
Submitted by TeamSugar member NadiaPotter


nuts, pecans, oreos, you choose
eer... flour
wood sticks

Jajaja this is me... fighting in the kitchen

Oh men, I put the chocolate to melt.... (if it is necessary, put milk with the chocolate that is melting, to make it softer)

Put the apples on the sticks, and I had to put flours on the apples because my first apple didn't accept the melt chocolate, so I star screaming "MOM THE CHOCOLATE IS FALLING!" she told me to put flour on the apples. So I did it.

Then I put melted chocolate in the apples and immediately I put toppings on them (oreos and nuts).

I wrapped them in cellophane paper and put them curling ribbons.

Two gifts made by my hands, the days before Christmas and my spirit go away.

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