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10 Things That Taste Better With Beer

Mar 15 2013 - 3:19pm

Beer may be in the spotlight this weekend, but for most of the year, it plays second fiddle to wine, especially when discussed in the context of dining. (How come the term is always "wine and food" and never "beer and food"?) Beer doesn't just make a fantastic pairing with virtually every food, it's also an ideal cohort for putting in any meal. Here are 10 recipes you should prepare with (and while drinking) beer.

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Adding even a third of a bottle of beer to a batch of margaritas [2] adds acidity and lightness without making your drinks even sweeter. We prefer Mexican, of course: Tecate and Corona are both solid choices.

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Onion Soup

Try subbing the white wine and Gruyère cheese in a classic French onion soup with stout beer and sharp Irish cheddar [4].

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Dark, Leafy Greens

Do simply sautéed leaves sound too healthy for you? Make the prospect of eating kale or chard more appetizing by adding a little beer into the pot while braising. We especially love this technique when making collard greens [5].

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There's a reason why "beer and brats" rolls off the tongue, and that's because the two go so well together! For optimal noshing, combine the two in a bratwurst "hot tub." [7]

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Ice Cream

Here's an easy (and somewhat healthier) swap: change out that soda in your ice cream beverage for some chocolatey Guinness Draught [9] for an adult twist on the classic float [10].

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Cheese Fondue

Relieve fondue of its characteristic heaviness by adding stout [11] for acidity and a lighter body.

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Our 2013 redux of moules à la marinière [12] involves steaming mussels with a hearty beer like Negro Modelo instead of the usual Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

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The yeastiness of beer makes it a good fit as an addition to quick bread [14].

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Bloody Marys

Slip a pour of a crisp lager into your next batch of Bloody Marys [15]. People won't notice the beer; they'll just wonder how their drink is so darn good.

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Open-Faced Hot Sandwiches

Completely transform open-faced sandwiches by blending the cheese with a dark stout [16] to give it an umami-rich flavor and a frothier texture. Our favorite combination is cheddar mixed with Guinness.

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