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10 Mouthwatering Ways to Use Mayonnaise

May 20 2013 - 11:26am

Hellmann's mayonnaise is celebrating 100 years [1] of its top-secret vinegar, egg, and oil recipe, and the company has launched its biggest ever campaign, beginning today, which will feature everything from the world's largest picnic table to recipes developed by Mario Batali [2].

We're happy to join in on the occasion, as some of our favorite foods just wouldn't be the same without a jar of mayo. Click through our slideshow, and be ready for your mouth to water. From classic applications like deviled eggs to out-of-the-ordinary ones like artichoke dip-stuffed mushrooms, these recipes will remind even the most mayo-adverse that we could all use a little more of the creamy condiment in our lives.

Pimento Cheese

Transform cheddar cheese into a salty, spreadable pimento cheese dip [3] thanks to the help of mayonnaise.

Tuna Tartare

Top Chef [4] contestant Stefan Richter shows us a tuna tartare [5] recipe, tossed in — you guessed it — a mayo-based dressing.

Sweet and Spicy Deviled Eggs

Most deviled egg recipes call for mayo to turn the yolks into a fluffy yellow whip, but this recipe [6] is a little different, due to the addition of spicy cayenne and sweet honey mustard.

Tomato and Mayo Toast

It sounds simple enough, but we've found tomato and mayo toast [7] is the best way to snack on Summer's ripe red "fruit." The mayo of choice: Hellmann's, of course.

Mushrooms Stuffed With Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Have you ever made artichoke and spinach dip? Then, you know it's made with a hefty portion of mayo to obtain that thick texture and savory flavor. Take the dip and stuff it in mushrooms [8] to make a dainty, mess-free appetizer.

Benedictine Cheese Sandwich

Summer days call for a cooling sandwich like these Benedictine cheese sandwiches [9], made with cucumber, cream cheese, and crustless white bread. The bit of mayo makes the cream cheese a little saltier and easier to spread onto the delicate white bread.

Patatas Bravas

Mayo can be classy! It's used in the paprika dipping sauce for these Spanish patatas bravas [10] tapas.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich With Simple Slaw

Coleslaw sometimes has a bad reputation, but this colorful, crunchy slaw will make you rethink the mayo-dressed cabbage salad. It's topped over a barbecue chicken sandwich [11] for a fresh take on an American favorite.

Crab Cakes

Mayonnaise acts as a binder and as a flavorful sauce for these Maryland-style crab cakes [12].

Club Sandwich

Mayo is the classic spread on this super-stacked club sandwich [13].

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