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Bonbon Bonanza: Our Ritter Sport Chocolate Taste Test

Oct 12 2012 - 1:44pm

When YumSugar editor Susannah recently came back from her trip through German wine country [1] bearing packages of Ritter Sport chocolates, we nearly jumped for joy. Ever curious, we chomped, crunched, and savored nearly every flavor on offer in the US (and a few new flavors now on American shores) to see which are worth indulging in.

Ritter Sport — Milk Chocolate With Whole Almonds

This nut-studded bar could best be summed up as "pretty average," with the pros ranging from the inclusion of big well-roasted almonds to the excellent nut to chocolate ratio. The cons: while the chocolate had a lovely thick and creamy texture, most found this too sweet for their preference and felt that the "chocolate tastes a bit off, almost plasticky." We'd prefer a richer chocolate, with a higher cacao content, and a little extra salt to balance the overpowering sweetness.

Ritter Sport — Knusperflakes

Tasters exclaimed "delish" and "love it!" as they nibbled on this cornflake-studded milk-chocolate bar. We couldn't get enough of the ratio of creamy (though a tad sweet) chocolate to crisp bits of "not too overpowering" cereal bits.

Ritter Sport — Espresso

Coffee lovers were smitten with this milk chocolate bar, praising its pronounced espresso flavor and likening it to "drinking an espresso, while milk chocolate melts in your mouth." We were happy to find that the bitter espresso balances out any excess sweetness, eliminating our usual gripe with Ritter's milk chocolate.

Ritter Sport — Haselnuss

We appreciated the "classic combo" of milk chocolate and hazelnuts in this bar, though some tasters wished that the nuts were more deeply toasted, so that they'd better stand up to the "slightly too sweet" chocolate. That said, Ritter didn't skimp on the amount of hazelnuts; these were generous and well dispersed, with some nuts in each bite and a flavor that permeates throughout the bar.

Ritter Sport — Dark Chocolate à la Mousse au Chocolat

For the most part, tasters enjoyed this mousse-filled dark chocolate bar, likening it to a mug of hot cocoa. And while we admired the bitterness of the chocolate, many felt that Ritter would have a real hit on its hands if it used darker chocolate where some of the sweetness was replaced by cocoa butter for a richer mouthfeel. Perhaps a boon to those attempting to embrace portion control, one taster felt this was so sweet that "[she] couldn't even finish one square without getting thirsty."

Ritter Sport — Joghurt

Some found this bar a bit boring, but the majority enjoyed the "tart yogurt finish" and "almost cheese-like (in a good way)" flavor, that was reminiscent of yogurt-covered raisins or Kinder Surprise (a tangy chocolate egg).

Ritter Sport — Knusperkeks

We unanimously gave this chocolate-covered biscuit treat five stars (a rare occurrence at Sugar HQ), largely due in part to its "perfect cookie-to-chocolate ratio" and fresh-tasting biscuit center. We felt that this bar was like an even more enticing version of the chocolate-covered McVitie's digestive biscuits [2], thanks to its superior chocolate.

Ritter Sport — Nugat

Our American palates were surprised by this decidedly European take on nougat, which was more reminiscent of gianduja (or Nutella) than the filling of a Milky Way bar. Thankfully, after the initial shock, we were pleased by its "creamy, slightly chewy" texture and deep hazelnut flavor. More critical tasters felt that the filling was a bit pasty and overwhelmingly sweet.

Ritter Sport — White Chocolate With Whole Hazelnuts

Even those who normally eschew white chocolate were pleasantly surprised and "really enjoyed" this offering, thanks to its abundant use of crunchy whole hazelnuts. One minor quibble: per usual, this bar was a hair too sweet (though that's generally to be expected with a white chocolate bar).

Ritter Sport — Amarena Kirsch

This cherry-ice-cream-cone-flavored bar was the most polarizing of the bunch; some tasters ragged on its fake cherry flavor and claimed that it "tastes like a chocolate-covered cough drop" and was unpalatable. Others felt that it managed to capture the taste of an ice cream sundae perfectly, and appreciated the textural contrast between the creamy filling and crunchy bits within.

Ritter Sport – Edel-Vollmilch

One taster summed up our feelings near-perfectly: "apparently it's from Ecuador, which makes it special? I think so!" Our only gripe was that it could benefit from a slightly higher cacao content; still, for affordable drugstore-style chocolate, this is a great value.

Ritter Sport — Waldbeer Joghurt

We were surprised (but pleased) by the "mysterious [fruity] crunchy bits" peppered throughout the yogurt filling of this bar, which one taster hypothesized could be minced, freeze-dried berries. While most enjoyed this novel flavor, one detractor felt that it "taste[d] too much like berry yogurt (read: health product)" than they'd prefer from a chocolate bar.

Ritter Sport — Marzipan

Marzipan lovers were fond of this dark-chocolate-covered marzipan bar, though we felt that the combination has been done better (but not at this affordable price point). In an ideal world, the filling would be smoother, and would be enrobed in higher-cacao bittersweet chocolate to help balance the "almost too sweet" marzipan.

Ritter Sport — Weisse Cocos

We were neither wowed nor put off by this white-chocolate bar, though we did appreciate the real dried coconut pieces included throughout. Its "very rich, nutty, and sweet" flavor is best consumed in small quantities (such as the pictured mini size), as it might cause palate fatigue in a full-sized bar.

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