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Editors Share: 8 Great Road-Trip Food Stops Worth Braking For

Aug 5 2013 - 4:25am

Sure, travel snacks [1] are great when you're hitting the open road for a long weekend, but sometimes, cross-country trips simply aren't conducive to packing coolers full of perishables. That's why our editors suggest hitting up one of these tried-and-true spots for a spontaneous bite.

Source: Flickr users Joits [2], gleam_df [3], and Marshall Astor - Food Fetishist [4]


Call Denny's multipurpose: it's not just for Grand Slams (although those are a hit). Senior copy editor Mary White argues it's worthy of multiple stops: "Whenever my sisters, parents, and I go on road trips, we always hit up Denny's for lunch. Not so bad on its own, but on especially long car rides, we'll sometimes find another Denny's for a late-afternoon dessert or coffee stop. The food is reliable, there's something for everyone, and the sit-down meal gets us out of the car. Denny's BLTs and chocolate peanut butter pie will always remind me of family vacations."

Source: Flickr user Joits [5]

Fruit Stands

"Of course I love stopping by fruit stands when I see them," said Stacy Faber, our assistant managing editor. We concur: after all, what can beat farm-fresh fruit, sold right off the side of a dirt road?

Source: Flickr user AfriCommons [6]

Waffle House

Is there anything more iconic than the tiles that spell out "Waffle House" on the side of the highway? One is always worth tracking down, said executive editor Nancy Einhart: "I always get a fried egg sandwich, hash browns scattered, smothered, and covered [scattered on the grill and topped with cheese and onions]. There are many variations, but everyone has a favorite way." Waffle Houses also offer jukeboxes that play original songs, and boast impressively good coffee.

Source: Flickr user Marshall Astor [7]


For a pit stop down memory lane, America's Drive-In, Sonic, can't be beat; order cherry limeade and a coney dog. Just beware that they can be elusive in certain parts of the country: "I've never seen one in the flesh, but if I ever come across a Sonic, I will order everything on the menu, including the many variations of Slushies," said entertainment assistant editor Maggie Pehanick.

Source: Flickr user slgckgc [8]

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Of the 50 states, 42 boast a Cracker Barrel Old General Store, which offers down-home Southern comfort options like chicken and dumplings. "I did a road trip with friends to Hilton Head, SC, and we got such a kick out of the disclaimer at the bottom of the menu," fashion editorial assistant Robert Khederian said. "It reads, 'Attention vegetarians: we are a traditional Southern restaurant, and our vegetables contain fat from meat.' Gotta love bacon in . . . well, everything."

Source: Flickr user alex_ford [9]

In-N-Out Burger

When it comes to a burger on the road, In-N-Out is the hands-down favorite among Left Coasters for its fresh beef burgers. "I don't even eat beef and it's still amazing to get a grilled cheese, animal style, and fries," executive editor Nancy Einhart told us.

Source: Flickr user goodiesfirst [10]

Roy Rogers Family Restaurants

Move over, Arby's: Moms editor Rebecca Gruber swears the roast beef sandwiches at Roy Rogers Restaurants are where it's at. The chain, which is named after cowboy movie actor Roy Rogers, is also known for its fried chicken and Gold Rush chicken sandwich, which boasts a honey-based barbecue sauce and bacon.

Source: Flickr user gleam_df [11]


"So sad. My go-to used to be Chick-Fil-A," one editor admitted. We agree: the chain may have been the subject of some serious controversy in recent years, but there's no denying the tastiness of its chicken sandwiches.

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