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7 Classic Rum Drinks Home Bartenders Should Master

Jan 30 2013 - 4:25am

What better way to celebrate the virtues of rum [1] than by whipping up a bunch of traditional rum cocktails? Learn how to make rum classics, like the muddled mojito, as well as tiki favorites like the mai tai and the hurricane, a New Orleans standby. Stock your bar with light and dark rums and you'll be ready to mix any of these six libations.


Contrary to popular belief, the original recipe for a daiquiri is not a blended drink. It's an uncomplicated cocktail that combines rum with lime juice and simple syrup. Ernest Hemingway is known for sipping this tart beverage [2] and helped make it popular in the states in the 1930s and 1940s.

Piña Colada

My favorite tropical drink is the piña colada [3]! This blended concoction consists of rum, pineapple juice, ice, and cream of coconut.


Created by Pat O'Brien in New Orleans, the hurricane [4] is a fruity, punch-like libation that's made with both dark and light rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and passionfruit nectar.

Source: Flickr User Jing-a-Ling [5]


The classic mojito [6] is a refreshing mixture of muddled mint and lime that's topped with silver rum, ice, and club soda. If you're ready to try a variation, try a pineapple [7] or orange [8] twist.

Dark and Stormy

With its island ingredients and romantic moniker, the ginger beer-based dark and stormy [9] tastes like waiting out a thunderstorm on a Caribbean beach.

Hot Buttered Rum

Although this is a Winter cocktail, bookmark the method for hot buttered rum [10] now. It's best made with a dark rum and lots of warming spices.

Mai Tai

While store-bought mai tai mix can be full of sugar, when made at home, with fresh ingredients, the mai tai [11] is a delightful concoction that's not too sweet. You will have to seek out orange curaçao and orgeat (an almond-flavored syrup), so plan a trip to the beverage store before you start shaking.

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