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Select the Perfect Watermelon

You didn't think I'd let National Watermelon Day go by without a few tips on how to select the perfect watermelon now did you? Here a some pointers to ensure that your watermelon will be sweet, juicy and perfect!

  • Look for a melon that is symmetrical - the lopsided one might be cute and goofy looking, but the symmetrical one will probably taste better.
  • Find one that is free of bruises, dents or cuts. This is where it's been dropped and possibly damaged.
  • The outside of a ripe melon generally has a lovely sheen and a yellow spot. The yellow spot is actually a good thing, it means the watermelon was able to ripen in the sun (the yellow spot being where it was touching the ground).
  • Make sure the melon you choose is heavy. A watermelon is over 90% liquid, so a light one could mean disaster.
  • You want to get a watermelon that is firm. If it's squishy it could be rotten on the inside.
  • If you're selecting a precut watermelon, find one that does not have any visible white streaks, looks juicy (not dry) and is bright in color.

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