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Seven Stunning Tomato Dishes

Jul 25 2008 - 5:30am

For those of you who like tomatoes [1] and know how to appreciate them [2], you know that tomato season is fleeting and oh-so-sweet. How to make the most of it? Here are seven different ways that come to mind . . .

Tomato-Pesto Pizza

Who says you can't have both pesto and tomatoes [3] on your pizza?

Fresh Tomato Sauce

This healthy tomato sauce [4] is versatile enough to work with pasta, fish, or chicken.

Tomato Ricotta Lasagna

With fresh tomatoes and creamy ricotta cheese, this lighter lasagna [5] works well as a Summer family meal.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

In addition to being really colorful and light, this salad [6] has pronounced flavors that speak in a simple, elegant way.

Tomato-Paprika Salad Dressing

Instead of having tomatoes on your salad, try them in your salad dressing [7] — this one calls for fresh, puréed tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes

These fried green tomatoes [8] are topped with a cashew chutney and goat cheese. When preparing fried green tomatoes, make sure you use unripe red tomatoes, not the naturally green heirloom variety.

Crispy Salmon With Risotto and Roasted Tomatoes

With sweet, slow-roasted tomatoes, risotto, and fresh salmon, this recipe [9] is a one-course meal.

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