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Personalize Your Wedding With a Creative Cocktail

May 30 2013 - 10:15am

I've always loved the idea of a matrimonial signature drink, but frankly, I'm just not imaginative enough to come up with my own. For those of us who are mixologically challenged, fear not: there's a plethora of creative and classic concoctions that will add a personal stamp to your wedding [1] celebration. If crafting a bartending masterpiece isn't your forte, use these cocktail ideas as inspiration for a unique reception experience and tell us: what did you (or do you plan to) serve to toast your nuptials?

— Additional reporting by Lisette Mejia

The Locavores

For couples whose vows include maintaining a small carbon footprint, the Honeyed French 75 [2] cocktail is a pretty stellar choice. Make yours with locally sourced honey (bonus points if you can serve local gin as well!) for a down-home approach.

The Do-It-Yourselfers

There's no home improvement project you and your partner can't conquer. On your big night, channel that energy by serving guests a limoncello-mint champagne cocktail [3] that calls for homemade limoncello.

The Upper East Siders

Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes, and Mirandas can all appreciate a good cosmo. This pear essence cosmopolitan [4] is a great change-up for Fall weddings, taking advantage of seasonal fruits. But there's always the classic [5] for a more direct Sex and the City reference.

The Winos

Sure, you'll have plenty of reds and whites at your reception, but another way to incorporate your love of wine is by serving up some sangria. While we enjoy many variations, such as berry Rosé [6] or green grape [7], there's nothing like the classic red wine version.

The College Sweethearts

You met in college when you locked eyes across the quad and then talked over vodka sodas at the local bar. Whether you're a Harvard type or a state-school scholar, remind your guests of your coed history with a lavender vodka cocktail [8] — it's a major upgrade from the vodka soda days of yore.

The "I'll Try Anything Once" Pair

Jam in a cocktail? You're totally game, and that's what makes you such a fun couple. Give guests a fruit fix with this easy cocktail that calls for your favorite gin and a jar of jam from your fridge.

The Rustic Revelers

Your dream nuptials unfold in a restored 19th-century barn, complete with hay bales and maybe even a few chickens. Refresh your guests with a citrusy Moscow mule [9] dolled up with a few slices of cool cucumber. Serving the drinks in mason jars is an extra rustic touch.

The Early Risers

Not all weddings last into the wee hours. Classy midmorning ceremonies can still be followed by boogie-down luncheons, but serve a cocktail for the occasion. A tart grapefruit mimosa [10] should get revelers in the spirit.

The Mad Men (and Women)

Your dress is modeled after Jackie O's, and your groom is the (hunky) spitting image of Don Draper. Evoke 1960s chic with a Brandy Alexander [11] for old times' sake.

The Party Animals

Your annual Mardi Gras trip brings you closer as a couple, and your toughest wedding [12] planning decision was determining the afterparty site. Toast yourselves with a nod to the most famous party city of them all with a classic Sazerac [13]. This wedding could get out of control very quickly!

The Beach Bums

You prefer flip-flops to Louboutins and tropical breezes to city grit. For your beach wedding [14], go laid-back with a zesty Michelada [15] to wake up your guests' taste buds before dinner.

The Redheads

If one or both of you are redheads, cheers to your uniqueness with an obvious choice — the redheaded ginger [16]. It's light and refreshing, the perfect excuse to have more than one.

The World Travelers

You love to explore new places, so take your guests around the world with international cocktails they may not have even tried before. One great choice? The smooth, fruity, South American pisco sour, a sipping cocktail that's so crisp and refreshing, both Peru and Chile fight over claims to produce the spirit.

The Elegant Pair

You love to throw dinner parties that would rival those of Gatsby's, and "posh pair" are the words friends choose to describe you. Reflect that spirit with a sparkling Lillet and grapefruit cocktail [17] that's both delicate and elegant.

The Champs

Don't forget to nurse your Champagne hangover the next day by enjoying a savory Bloody Mary [18]. Mix it up, classic style, with tomato juice or blend up a gazpacho base for a little more zest.

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