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Simple Tip: Turn Husks Into Handles

After watching Steven Raichlen's barbecue presentation at the Food and Wine Classic, I knew I had to make his corn. He cooked it with a coconut milk-based coating, but acknowledges that it's tasty on its own, slathered in butter, or doused with a mayo-lime-chili concoction.The only thing he insisted on was grilling it with the husk off. Cooking corn with the husks on only steams the corn, it does not grill it. However the husks do come in handy, to make the corn easier to eat, he turns the husks into handles! To learn how,


Don't shuck the corn completely. Simply peel the husks all the way down. Next, wrap a piece of string, or a long piece of the husk around the bottom. This will create a fun handle that guests can use to hold the hot corn. To keep it from burning, I wrapped my husk handle in a piece of foil. You could also cover part of the grill with foil and place the husk on top of that area.

What do you guys think of this tip? Do you have any great corn grilling tips to share?

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