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Sweet and Simple: 25 Wedding Cakes For the Minimalist Couple

Apr 7 2015 - 4:00am

You won't find any frills or fuss here. When it comes to wedding [1] cakes, grandiose designs don't always cut it. That's why we've rounded up cakes without all the pomp and circumstance for couples with sleek and simple style. And remember: just because you're looking for cakes on the plain side of things doesn't mean you have to settle for boring. Quite the opposite, these 25 cakes (and two bonus ones) come with a little extra something special.

Photo by Annie Edmonds [2] via Green Wedding Shoes [3]

We love how succulents instantly take this simple, two-layer cake from straightforward to fabulous.

Photo by JAC Photography [4] via Style Me Pretty [5]

Just a hint of bead-like texture, lace, and leaves make this one divine dessert.

Photo by KT Merry Photography [6] via Style Me Pretty [7]

One way to do minimalism when it comes to prints: limiting it to one design on one layer, like this chic chevron-patterned wedding [8] cake.

Photo by Erin Hearts Court [9] via Green Wedding Shoes [10]

We adore the pop of color that the bright ranunculus bring to this otherwise simple cake.

Photo by Annie Edmonds [11] via Green Wedding Shoes [12]

Love the idea of a traditional cake but don't want all the fuss that comes with it? Then you'll want to take note of this sleek version — with just a few beaded details and flower accents, it's both clean and sophisticated.

Photo by Kristin Sweeting [13] via Wedding Chicks [14]

The triangle pattern on this white cake is so subtle, you might not notice it at first — but once you do, you realize what a sweet touch it adds.

Photo by Jose Villa Photography [15] via Style Me Pretty [16]

For the couple that loves chocolate, this two-layered, rustic-style cake is all about the bare minimum, and we mean that in a good way.

Photo by Bayly & Moore [17] via 100 Layer Cake [18]

How sweet is this one-tiered blush cake topped with lavender roses? It's almost too pretty to eat (emphasis on almost) and leaves room to serve other treats like cupcakes and cake pops.

Photo by Closer to Love Photography [19] via Style Me Pretty [20]

Breathe life into an uncomplicated white cake with bursts of color via bright flowers. It's an easy but oh-so-stylish way to upgrade your celebration.

Photo by Nancy Ray Photography [21] via Style Me Pretty [22]

This is the perfect example of how you can take a plain tiered cake and turn it into a dessert with flair. Here, the extra details — the stand, the candles, the flowers — make it stand out, but it could just as easily look great without them.

Photo by Kristyn Hogan [23] via Wedding Chicks [24]

Classy and clean: that's how we'd describe this wedding [25] cake that's also elegant without being extravagant.

Photo by Kate Robinson Photography [26] via Style Me Pretty [27]

A soft eyelet pattern on the base layer of this cake and the two tones are the perfect amount of detail to make this a beautiful dessert without going over the top.

Photo by Connie Lyu Photography [28] via Style Me Pretty [29]

Although there's more than one cake on this dessert table, our eyes are on the mint-colored stunner in the middle. A delicate pearl pattern, large flower, and fun hue are all it takes to make this one swoon-worthy cake.

Photo by La Luz Photography [30] via 100 Layer Cake [31]

At its core, this cake is pretty simple (two square tiers), but we love how this no-fuss heart design adds some instant pizzazz.

Photo by Megan Hartley Photography [32] via Wedding Chicks [33]

One-tiered cakes shouldn't be ruled out for your big day — this wedding [34] proves that a classic cake can make an impact with a unique stand.

Photo by Priscila Valentina Photography [35] via Green Wedding Shoes [36]

The details here are slight — ribbon, lines on the middle tier, and two top flowers — making this cake effortlessly unique.

Photo by Branco Prata [37] via Wedding Chicks [38]

The shape of this cake is as unpretentious as it gets, but the gold color adds a striking touch.

Photo by Natalie Barrett Photography [39] via Green Wedding Shoes [40]

Never before have the words pink and pretty rung so true. It's as if someone came in and — like a piece of, err, cake — easily added the perfectly piped roses.

Photo by Jose Villa [41] via Wedding Chicks [42]

With lavender peeking out from the top, this charming white cake has all the potential to steal the show.

Photo by Blue Vinyl Creative [43] via Wedding Chicks [44]

Basic cakes are anything but boring when they are topped with lovely branches like these.

Photo by Jen Huang Photography [45] via Style Me Pretty [46]

Top a buttercream-covered cake with pretty flowers, and voilà! Just like that, you've go yourself a fuss-free, beautiful dessert.

Photo by Delbarr Moradi Photography [47] via Wedding Chicks [48]

It doesn't take much (just some peonies on a standard design) to get us in full cake crush mode.

Photo by S. Leishman Photography [49] via Style Me Pretty [50]

Even supersimple cakes can bring on the fun factor. Just look at this quirky husband-and-wife topper adorning a white-and-yellow cake.

Photo by Studio222 Photography [51] via Wedding Chicks [52]

Each of these three cakes features minimalist detail and is stunning in its own right. The stripes, the crisscross lines, the beads — it's hard to pick a favorite.

Photo by Lavender & Twine [53] via Style Me Pretty [54]

A few touches of complementary colors really make this one simple, special cake.

Photo by Connie Lyu [55] via 100 Layer Cake [56]

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