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Top Facts That'll Surprise You About Nigella Lawson

Jan 8 2010 - 5:50am

You may be shocked to learn that Nigella Lawson [1], the British coquette of the cooking world, has been around for half a century. It's true: on Wednesday, the celebrity chef rang in the big 5-0 with her husband, art collector and advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, and a friend in East London [2]. To pay tribute to the self-proclaimed domestic goddess and all her achievements, the UK's Daily Mail compiled 50 little-known facts [3] about the famous food figure. Curious to know the 10 that surprised us most? Read on to find out.

Nigella has never had formal chef training.

Not only is the domestic diva not a formally trained chef, but she claims she didn't even open a cookbook until she was 15! She did, however, grow up cooking with her mother.

She won't host dinner parties on a Saturday night.

"I don't mind having people over for lunch," Lawson has said [4], "but Saturday night should be for bad TV."

She likes to go commando.

"I don't need to [wear underwear] because I always wear a long skirt," she explained [5]. She does, however, shop at Rigby & Peller [6], the same lingerie store that outfits the queen.

Her perfect last meal would be roast chicken and potatoes.

In an ideal world, Nigella's last meal on earth would star a roast chicken, accompanied by mashed and roast potatoes, creamed spinach, peas and bread sauce, and a rhubarb fool for dessert.

She's triumphed over much tragedy.

Nigella's mother died of liver cancer at 48; her sister Thomasina died at 32 of breast cancer. Her first husband, John Diamond, died in 2001 of throat cancer. "Everyone tries to put a good spin on death and disease; that's what I find so difficult. You just want to hit them," Lawson has said [7].

She never looks in the mirror.

Nigella is known for her curvaceous figure, but refuses to look in the mirror. "Why would you want to look in the mirror?" she asked [8]. "I caught a look at my thighs the other day and I thought: 'I must never look at them again!' I have the legs of a shot-putter gone to flab."

Her husband's not interested in her cooking, and she's not into his art.

Her husband, the famous art collector Charles Saatchi, admits he's not too interested in her food. But that's OK, because she isn't into his art collecting, either. And while Saatchi, a famous recluse, doesn't attend his own parties or book launches, Nigella will often appear as his representative.

She once ate 20 pickled eggs in a row.

Nigella ate all 20 in a mere 10 minutes — for a bet.

Her favorite new find is the Slanket.

She claims her latest favorite purchase is the muumuu-like Slanket [9] — a blanket with sleeves that she uses on planes.

Source: Flickr User theogeo [10]

Her children are ridiculously finicky eaters.

"My children treat me as if I'm trying to poison them," Nigella says [11]. She's most grateful for two recipes — madeira cake and bean and barley soup — that even her "painfully picky" children — Bruno, now 13, and Cosima, 16 — will eat.

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