During the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, many celebrity chefs were on hand to chat with fans while signing copies of their books. On hand were the usuals (like Rachael and Giada), however there was one particular Food Network bashing chef on hand as well. Yep that's right, our favorite celebrity chef bad-boy, Anthony Bourdain, was there too. On one hand I'm sort of surprised, I thought he hated these guys, but on the other I'm not surprised at all. I mean he is a celebrity chef, so why wouldn't he be there?

Here's what Charles Passy of the Palm Beach Post had to say about the "Howard Stern of the food world":

Of course, in the process of espousing such a philosophy, Bourdain made note of everything from Giada de Laurentiis’ oversized head to Al Roker’s stomach stapling (Bourdain’s point with the latter: Do you really want to bask in the culinary wisdom of a guy who can’t eat?). I laughed so hard, it almost made up for the five numbingly dull hours I spent at the Food Network Awards the night earlier.

But here’s the thing: Just an hour or so before the talk, Bourdain was doing a book-signing session, sitting in the same seat that Giada had occupied moments earlier. Can he have it both ways — mock the famous and bask in fame at the same time?

So what do you guys think, can he have it both ways or is it hypocritical?

Source: Palm Beach Post

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